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the No Limits Life Client.

Allow me to Start...

It's Me! Jennifer Murphy (lots of letters and titles)

"There was a time that all I wanted was to be free from the chaos of the expected life I had settled for and take action to live a life that was authentic for me. I took that leap into the most dangerous setting I could find: the land of my deepest desires. And I thrived to talk about it."

I became a coach to teach the world that settling is not the answer.

There is lots more to tell, Find out more about me here

Hey, what's up? I'm Jennifer Murphy and it's super cool to meet you.

Let me tell you a little about my background, qualifications and journey to this moment. It has been a ride where I often wondered if I was full blown crazy and other times was absolutely overwhelmed by how fucking awesome life is. I do curse. I do look at things from a rebellious way. I do encourage you to let go of stuff that feels really comfortable but is sucking the life out of you.

I am a certified personal and executive coach ruthlessly focused on helping people live awesome lives. I spent a large chunk of my life pursuing other people's bullshit ideas of success and while those experiences were sublime in some cases, they weren't the "more" I was seeking and I just never felt full. In 2011, I made the commitment to live life on my terms and everything changed.

But I am getting ahead of myself, I am passionately impatient and do this sometimes. I'm in a constant state of growth there (insert eye roll at myself). Let me give you some background.

I grew up in California as the child of metaphysical students and teachers and the extended family that created. We lived in the mountains near Yosemite National Park and the creeks, rivers and trees were my playground. We lived paycheck to paycheck and sometimes those paychecks didn't meet. I always knew my family loved me and my brothers but it was hard not to want more in a world that said I need the latest and greatest whatever to be part of the crowd. It wasn't until much later that I learned the crowd was shit.

In my pursuit of something different, I went on to have a very successful military career as an officer in the US Army following graduation from CSU Fresno with a degree in Criminology. I commissioned as an Ordnance officer: maintenance and logistics; and went on to deploy in both Afghanistan and Iraq operations. I served in a wide variety of positions which had me leading groups from 3-390 and interacting with leadership all the way to the President of the United States. I worked with foreign militaries and led some amazing soldiers to achieve their own dreams.

It was during this time that I decided to initiate my MBA. I started while deployed to the Middle East and continued it through redeployment and two moves! I do love a challenge.

In 2004, after my first divorce I decided to pursue a different version of balance in my life and turned down opportunities to work with elite level forces to instead become the first female maintenance manager in a power generation plant for a utility provider in Cedar Rapids Iowa. I spent 18 months leading union employees which was an entirely different leadership experience than leading soldiers!

And trust me, I had no intention of living in Iowa, it was a different planet as far as I was concerned. I have learned to appreciate the Midwest. It has definitely been a good place for the experiences I have had since and will serve me well until my time here is done.

From there I leaned back on my military experience and went to work for a Large Aerospace and Defense Company where I led teams of logisticians in creating support plans for the technology the company designed to support domestic and foreign militaries. I spent time as a leader, a business development manager, and a global strategic development manager. I had the house, the white picket fence, the husband and children, the Labradors jumping the fence and being wrangled by beer drinking, fun loving Hawkeye Fan neighbors. The SUV was sparkling in the garage and my monthly dues to some women's power group were paid up.

By societal definition of success had arrived, but I felt unfulfilled. I kept casting around for something to fill the void I found within: things, people, books, classes. But none seemed to be the answer I was looking for – they all seemed so generic. Additionally, I was feeling it physically: migraines, stomach issues, chronic fatigue and muscle ache and more. So I hired a coach to help me find the right answers for me.

Together we discovered that I felt most successful when I felt independent and working to help others find their own independence and idea of success. That led to my decision to become a Certified Coach.

In 2012 it all happened. Not by plan, but by opportunity. I had opportunity arrive to leave my corporate job and go all in with my business. I opened a metaphysical store inside Illuminations Healing Arts Center and built my business as a coach. Coaching became my primary focus in 2013 with the sale of my store.

Also in 2012, I divorced my second husband. In 2007 we had birthed my son Alexander, 3 months prematurely. Today he is just as independent, doing this life deal on his own terms and embracing the full spectrum! We also had several rental properties and sold those along with our primary home.

I later learned there was a term for what I had done: minimalism. I got free of the material things I thought would make me happy and traded them for the experiences that actually would. I began to live my life according to what is most important to me!

I am a certified spiritual healer, ordained minister and Reiki Master. As a child, though my family was very involved in the metaphysical realms they encouraged exposure to almost every church out there. I rebelled oddly in my 20s and became Catholic finally settling into my own truth in my 30s which is more pan-spiritual than anything else. I use the techniques I have acquired over the years with clients as appropriate.

Today I live in Iowa with my 10 year old soccer fanatic son. We spend a lot of time at the soccer pitch. I am also often found in my Glass Studio working on my torch, or in my retail partnership Shaman Grocer. I love to be busy, it's the life I have created.

But my soul feels complete when I am helping others create their personal journey. It's a crazy deal this life thing and I think we need to make the most out of every single second. It is my goal to help every person I encounter believe they have the power to create the life they want. I want them to learn the Art of Living Dangerously, the art of stepping into what feels like the most dangeorus area of their lives: the dream they hold inside.


Now, About You...

It's You!

You are a professionally successful man or woman ready to achieve even higher levels of success in the rest of their life. You want to release what blocks you from more freedom, more independence, more passion, and…way less BS.

You are ready to live dangerously.

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Who You Are

You are at the top of you game in your work life.

You feel like life outside of work sucks.

You don't take time for you.

Your health is not optimized in one or more ways: weight, chronic headaches, stomach issues, stress related symptoms.

Your relationship is okay, but not what you dreamed of – or worse, in trouble or non-existent.

Hobbies? You wonder if you can ever have them.

You know there is more for you and are willing to invest in yourself to not just identify it, but start living it.

You are ACTION oriented, able to embrace your COURAGEOUS self, and Committed to EXCELLENCE.

You are me 6 years ago:

I was working in a full time job very successfully. I was being offered opportunities to move up, make more money and be a bigger deal. Inside, I resisted. Outside I had been diagnosed with asthma, reflux, migraines, arthritis and had put on some weight. Inside I was miserable, not enjoying life and really wondering if this was it.

My relationship had become stagnant, I felt like there was never enough time and I resented my partner.

When I was at work I felt guilty for not being with my son. When I was with my son, my mind was on work.

I scheduled every second of every day in an effort to not face the lack in my life, even in the face of external abundance: nice home, cars, vacations and stuff. I bought things to fill a void that could really only be filled by living in alignment with my purpose, but I had no idea that was even a thing.

I needed a transformation.

So I worked with a life coach and got one.

Within a short amount of time my health problems cleared up, I acknowledged what I was truly passionate about and I pursued it. I opened my own business, divorced my husband, became present for my son, got rid of the stuff and embraced minimalism, focused on improving my health, got super clear on my priorities and started living my entire life at the level of success I had only previously found in my professional life.

I became not just professionally successful. I became successful.

My definition of success may not be yours.

What I do now can help you define your version of success, create it, then live it.

You know you deserve to stop settling for partial life success and start feeling like life is awesome and loving it. You can feel deep in your soul that life isn't just work, it isn't just one part of you: you are your life.

You believe the success you feel with your work, you can feel it in the rest of your life too: self-care, relationships, family, finance. It's there for you. You need to ACT COURAGEOUSLY to find EXCELLENCE.

If you are that person I have described, you belong here. You don't have to live one single second more in that energy of lack. It's time to learn the Art of Living Dangerously.

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So that's us. Will we partner to create the life you know you can create, but has been just out of grasp so far? Will you let go of never feeling quite complete to feeling like every day has a purpose to it?

Yeah? Sweet.
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