Introduction to Coaching Package In this 3 session package you will be able to experience coaching and decide if it for you. Start Now!

Ideas Into Income Kickstarter Kit: You have an idea – maybe you have lots of ideas! And your spirit is begging you to take action on one or many of them. Whether you are an aspiring creative or spiritual entrepreneur, or an engaged entrepreneur with more inspiration than you know what to do with, this kit will help you maximize your energy to transform your idea into income. Kickstart

Inner Guru Guide: We all have a guru within us. Not a guru to be worshipped, placed on a pedestal and iconized. Our inner guru serves to quietly guide us with the wisdom of the universe. The practice in this short guide is one I share with all of my coaching clients and I want to share it with you so you can connect with your inner wisdom and your inner guru. Get Your Guru

Subscription to No Limits Weekly: A weekly idea and inspiration tool to help you create the life you crave! You'll receive inspirational words, actions you can take in your own life, product recommendations to support your lifestyle and early access to events and courses offered by the No Limits Team. Inspire me Weekly

Discovery Session: Schedule a free thirty minute session to discover the answers to your questions about coaching, discover options to overcome what holds you back from your perfect path, and discover the options available to you to take perfectly aligned next steps. Schedule Now

DON MARLETTE - THE METRO MONK: In this blog series by Don Marlette you will learn the several aspects pertaining to divine alignment for personal manifesting. Simple to put into practice beginning today, this tool helps shift your energy beginning with the first words. Get Blogging


Join a community of people who will inspire you to take that next step, break free of what holds you back and create a collective energy that propels your life in the direction you want to be moving: internally AND externally. 

Provides you 4 key elements on the path to creating your unique life: 

  • 1. Access to 5 Online, self-paced courses
  • 2. An ever expanding library of resources and tools
  • 3. A once a month online interaction with our staff to ask anything and participate in an experience
  • 4. Access and interaction to an emerging community of other individuals ready to conquer what holds them back from the More in life (via Facebook)

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There are many resources and tools available to support you on your quest to create the just right, perfect life for you. As we have created ours books, tools and more have inspired us. Following this link will take you to a portal on Amazon where you can explore our favorite titles, tools and more and you can grab a few to help you on your way! Explore Advised Reading and More


In 2004 I left Active Duty as a Captain in the US Army. I had served 7 years of active duty and went on to serve another 2 and half in the USAR/IANG.

I fumbled through more than a few things as I made the transition from military life to civilian life and life sure would have been different with a guide along that portion of my journey.

Veterans bring a unique set of skills, experiences, and expectations into the civilian world, different than your average just out of college graduate or even corporate veteran. I have a special passion for supporting veterans as they make this transition: to help translate skills, to serve as an interpreter when needed to understand the different world and it's expectations and to advocate for the best possible outcomes for the veteran and his or her path for themselves.

There are scholarships available for those transitioning or post transition veterans where circumstance have created this need. And for those whose area of concern is not financial I have special pricing established and the funds are donated, in part, to a Veteran's Organization - rotating quarterly. If learning more about this program interests you, please fill out the contact form below and we will begin the dialog to start your journey.


Shop the Shaman Grocer Online store featuring Gathering Elements Innovative Glass Art, No Limits Glass and a select few featured artists who produce lifestyle focused products for you. Click here to get to the Shaman Grocer


Coaches Console: I looked and I looked for an affordable solution to managing clients, booking appointments, rolling out classes and more and found it when I found this Cient Resourse Management tool. Using this tool eliminated 5 disparate tools I was using and saved me over $200 a month in business services expense. Coaches Console

Corporate Hostage, No More: It is without any reservation that I can say Janet Tyler Johnson is a woman I admire deeply. Janet has a no-nonsense direct approach to life and is so paasionate about helping those that feel like hostages in the corporate world plan and make their escape. Janet and I have been in coaching groups, workshops and panels together and with each interaction I admire her more. Check out these options if this resonates with you and explore what she has to offer:

1. For those that want to learn more about both personal finance and living in abundance, Janet offers her wisdom through Mindful Money Minutes. A subscriber gets an email a day, for free, for a year, that reads in a minute or less. Some are educational, some inspirational, some motivational and some just plain fun! Get Mindful Money Minutes

2. "Corporate hostages", subscribe for a 30 day free membership at Corporate Hostage, No More! Explore Membership This is our community of "corporate hostages" who want to escape and build businesses of their own - you'll find me listed as one of the experts on this site and contributing in Janet's online community as well!

Tribewriters: In 2014 on New Years eve I decided to enroll in Jeff Goins TribeWriters program after watching his call to enroll for a few weeks. I wasn't sure how I was going to make the payments with the obligations I had upcoming, but I had a strong desire to gain skills and insight in this area. I was NOT disappointed. In fact I was so excited and eager to log on every day and see what everyone was up to, what I could learn next and how it truly helped me gain insight into my skills, my voice and my identity as a writer. The cool thing is, this is a lifetime access program! Go check out Jeff Goins and follow his resources, he won't steer you wrong and maybe you'll find that his next enrollment period speaks to you too! Start Writing

Glass Bead Lessons : With a Twist!! Glass and Life Exploration: A 3 hour personalized glass and coaching experience. The first time I saw my teacher and glass mentor melt glass. I was enamored. The class offered me the materials and steps to put glass to my first flame...I was in love. I knew in that moment I would always seek that experience. Seven months later I was the proud owner of my own torch and workstation in the studio. Maybe it is a bead lesson with us, or maybe it is a different creative experience. I encourage you to explore something unique - you may meet a soul level passion like I did. Make Beads

Relationship Coaching: Lauren Kay-Wyatt is such a beautiful soul...she was my coaching partner when we were in business coaching and I looked forward to our bi-monthly chats for her passion, power and energy of going for it! At a crazy weird time in my life I engaged Lauren for a session to help me navigate the space and she helped me go from "head in my hands what am I going to do?!" to "wow, I feel amazing" with her insight, love and support. Lauren offers a unique alchemy of love and guidance to her clients and teaches them how to break the laws of love in her business Love Renegades. Fall in Love with Love

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