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For those looking to create a lifestyle beyond their career, ready to create their own path in life and stop following.

Business Coaching

You are ready for fresh strategic level insight to optimize your idea or business and ready to execute.


You need a dynamic, different voice for your group or organization to facilitate a workshop, shift mindset or inspire them to think beyond the box.

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Personal Coaching

I partner with professionally successful men and women to achieve even higher levels of success in the rest of their life. Together, we release what blocks you from more freedom, more independence, more passion, and…way less BS. You deserve to stop settling for partial life success and start feeling like life is awesome and that you love it. Life isn't just work, it isn't just one part of you: you are your life.

It's time to stage a rebellion against settling.

That success you feel with your work, you can feel it in the rest of your life too: self-care, relationships, family, finance. It's there for you. You need to ACT COURAGEOUSLY to find EXCELLENCE.

That is what my Art of Living Dangerously Life Coaching Program is all about. I invite you to step into the danger zone of your own path – out of the norm, away from the expected. It is about finding that level of success you want in your ENTIRE life.

Art of Living Dangerously Life Coaching is about transforming from a professional success in a lackluster life to a No Limits Life filled with Freedom, Independence, Passion, Success and way less BS.

If you are that person I have described, we need to talk. I don't want you to live one single second more in that energy of lack. I want to partner with you to level up via my 6 month one on one coaching program where I will guide you through 5 proven mindset altering, action oriented methods to move from living for expectations to creating a life you love waking up for every day.

Who It's For Not For Why Me 5 Elements Apply Now

Who This is For:

The Unfulfilled: professionally successful yet still feels empty

The Leader: ready to take charge of their entire life

The Seeker: the one looking for more in life

The Repressed Rebel: tired of toeing the line of expectation and ready to be free

The Aspiring Adventurer: done with routine and ready for exploration

The Closet Creative: has the energy within to create something more and willing to share it

The Freedom Fighter: wiling to shed the mantle of expectation and thrive


Who This Isn't For:

Victims: if you blame others for your situation, this isn't for you. You need to take responsibility.

Self-abusers: if you can't be willing to prioritize you, you can't grow. You are a victim only if you choose to be.

Whiners: I am not your mommy and I don't want to take your money to listen to you whine about something you aren't willing to change.

People who need therapy: If you feel depressed, manic or on the edge emotionally and think you need counseling – you might. Check in thoroughly with this and please get the help you need if you do.

Drama Lovers: you love drama and will find it everywhere. Go be drama king or queen elsewhere. This is draining energy for you and I encourage you to find a different way.

Aspiring Coaches: You are looking to become a life coach and want advice only. Instead, Request my advice to aspiring coaches and some basic information on moving in to the life coaching field.


Why I am the best coach to help you with this:

Because I have been you. I have been professionally successful and personally depleted. I have overcome it and I am here to tell you that you don't have to live that way anymore. My story is in the about me page and I encourage you to read it and look for the similarities.

I've also been highly trained and continue to train in this area of optimal living focusing much of my research and knowledge gain in the field of positive psychology – the study of optimal living. You deserve an optimal life and it is possible to focus on what is right with you versus what is wrong. I write about this in my blog and newsletter regularly.

Read more in About Me if you haven't already visited.


The Art of Living Dangerously Life Coaching Program Consists of 5 Main Elements:

1. Define and Develop Your Ideal Lifestyle

2. Acknowledge and Capitalize on Your Strengths

3. Clarify then Conquer your Chaos

4. Document and Implement an Action Plan

5. Exceptional Support as you Implement and Execute your Plan


No BS Business Strategy & Support

I am talking to the small or medium sized business owner who knows things could be running better and the chick or dude sitting out there with the idea that won't stop running laps in their dreams but hasn't yet become reality.

You are:

A SMB Owner with Angst. You, SMBOWA, have a business. You have hung your shingle, you have taken on some business to either get your ankles wet or you have progressed full-fledged into growth. Now, it isn't running or growing as smoothly as you'd hoped it would, or thought it would. You keep trying to adapt things or make them work and walls continue to pop up. Your systems feel lacking, your vision is as wavy as a desert mirage and you have one or more things keeping you up at night that aren't all about excitement.


An aspiring entrepreneur. You want to try your idea. You see it as a real possibility. Except, every time you turn around, you find a reason you can't. You are great at laying out the plan on paper or in your head, but when it comes down to getting through theory to making it happen, you hesitate. Here's the important part: this isn't normally you. You normally push through, kick some butt and make stuff happen. But here you are stuck.

You Need

Support or perspective on the best way to run, manage and grow their business.

Focus on the fundamentals of systems, tools and techniques to make your business work for you instead of feeling like you are constantly working on your business.

Strategic planning to ensure that the systems, process and tools that you choose now will support you as you grow with your business.

Some outside perspective.

You may even be ready for my No BS Business Strategy and Support Session. Or the NO BS BS SS as I like to call it since I love acronyms; say it superfast, feels good on your tongue.

In this three month support program you'll receive a pre-assessment, 4 hour working session, follow up sessions and a final action plan to reset your business or launch your idea. It will be full of next steps and actions for you to take to continue to move forward.

Who It's For Not For 3 Focus Areas Why Me Apply Now

This is for you if:

You need perspective and are open to receiving it

You are looking for a way to streamline systems

You have specific questions and aren't finding solid answers

You are willing to invest time and money in your idea or business


Not for you if:

You need an admin

You are unwilling to invest time or money

You struggle to follow through with systems and ideas

You are closed to new ideas and ways of approaching challenges

You are looking to become a life coach and want advice only. Instead, Request my advice to aspiring coaches and some basic information on moving in to the life coaching field.


There are three focus areas in the No BS BS SS:

1. Systems Analysis. This is focused on identifying the systems you have in place or think you need and how best to optimize them followed by an analysis of your gaps and how best to fill them.

2. Planning and Development. A decision support process that allows you to identify those opportunities that will provide growth in the short term and create sustainable business growth.

3. What Keeps You Up at Night. Space to focus on your biggest area of frustration or worry: leadership, people management, finance or whatever issue keeps you from sleep.


Why Am I the resource to help you with this?

I know how to spot what is working and what isn't for your business now, and as those decisions impact your future growth. I've made a TON of mistakes in developing 5 separate business entities:

  • I've tried all kinds of systems that don't work and know how to spot them.
  • I've spent 10 years focused on strategic development with experience supporting it even prior to that.
  • I've been bruised, I've broken business bones and recovered stronger and with more wisdom.

I am very direct, willing to apply the breadth and depth of my experience to your unique ideas and experience. I will help you see your business from the fresh vantage that you need to see the direction you need to focus.

Read more about my background and experience via my About Me page if you haven't already researched me.


Military Veterans

Hey Veterans, Thank You and Let's Talk

If you are within 5 years of your transition and still wondering what the F is wrong with all these civilians, it may be time to reprogram.

Yeah, they can't tell time.

Nope they cannot seem to grasp the concept of order.

Respect for position or authority seems to be a foreign language to them.

Establishing systems, order and process really shouldn't be that hard.

And really, what is with the crying? It was just a bit of straightforward advice!

There isn't anything wrong with them, and you aren't wrong either. But something needs to shift so that you can move beyond this routine frustration of everyone not getting it! You are the only one truly under your control – seems like a good place to start.

My Role How it Works Not For For Apply Now

My Role:

As a veteran who felt much of what I described above and more, who also happens to have become a life coach, I am uniquely positioned to provide you the secrets to navigating civilian life on terms that make sense for you but also make succeeding a bit more fun.

I had a super rocky transition: I didn't get the hand holding hug and love each other approach to working with others, the lack of clear guidance and roles seemed ripe for improvement and the constant "you are too direct" comments drove me up a wall. I knew had to learn how to work in this new environment, and the performance improvement plan I had ended up on confirmed it. See About Me for more info on me.

I work with your unique situation and provide you personal coaching in whatever area of your life this is showing up the most: work, personal life, relationships or everywhere. We look at specific feedback you have been getting and/or where you want to be and aren't getting to and formulate a plan to achieve your objective. It's a graceful combination of setting your sights on goals and honing the tools to achieve them.

I share a little more about my experience in my About Me page if you haven't already checked it out.


How it Works:

I'll meet with you in an initial session where we establish your objectives.

We create a plan to achieve them.

We look at the areas of opportunity – those places you can enhance for higher levels of performance.

leverage your assets.

We routinely meet and track progress.

You ultimately shift your approach in a way that is authentic for you, and affords you the ability to find success where you want it most – your life.


Not for you if:

You need support for PTSD, I am not a trained professional in this area and I encourage you to find support for this.

You are unwilling to invest time or money to make your shift – I have special rates for veterans established and am willing to work with you on the money front. The time – you have to be willing to commit.

You see nothing in your behavior that needs to shift. It's everyone else that needs to change.

You are looking to become a life coach and want advice only. Instead, Request my advice to aspiring coaches and some basic information on moving in to the life coaching field.


This is for you if:

You are willing to shift your style to achieve your objectives in a lifestyle capacity and move beyond mission orientation to lifestyle creation.

You are tired of being frustrated at everyone else's incompetence.

You keep looking for guidance and haven't found it.

You miss the military lifestyle and are wondering if you can truly be happy in the civilian world.

You have real questions about how to make this work and a true desire to apply the answers.



For groups large and small I offer expertise on topics such as:

The Art of Living Dangerously: How to thrive in a world that expects you to conform.

Aligning Priorities: An interactive discussion on sorting through the chaos of daily living to focus on what is really important in your life.

Happiness: What research says about being happy and how to apply it in your world.

Intuition in Life and Business: Applying your 6th sense without feeling like a freak.

Values Based Living: Minimalism for the conscious.

Click below for a sample of key takeaways from each program, then send us a message through our Contact Form with your needs and inquire about availability.

Learn more About Me.

Art of Living Dangerously Aligning Priorities Happiness Intuition Values Based Living

The Art of Living Dangerously: How to thrive in a world that expects you to conform

This is a call to rebel against what is expected, the idea of should and the common sense that needs to be uncommon.

Participants leave with a 5 step method to identify what they want and why and how to sustain their idea on a daily basis without letting expectation take charge ever again.

This is for the group who wants to look at things differently and expand their approach over the conservative, oft trodden methods already tried.


Aligning Priorities: An interactive discussion on sorting through the chaos of daily living to focus on what is really important in your life

We focus on how to stop being busy and start being productive.

Perfect for the group looking for ways to prioritize what feels like an impossible project, list of tasks or workload.

Participants will leave with prioritization techniques they can use at home or in the workplace to create a higher energy life.


Happiness: What research says about being happy and how to apply it in your world

You want to live optimally - research is showing us how on an increasing basis.

This session is all about the facts on happiness and the practical application of those in your world: in the workplace, at home and in your day to day life.


Intuition in Life and Business: Applying your 6th sense without feeling like a freak

How to translate that feeling you have into actionable, supportable business intelligence.

Speaking to your sense in a way that others understand and can receive.

Understanding the difference between really wanting something to be true and intuition.


Value Based Living: Minimalism for the Conscious

This is about separating the life you are creating through experience and presence and the life you have been trying to buy.

Participants will leave with a clear picture of their values, where their life aligns to them and an action plan for changing where it doesn't.


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